5 Top Features of Instagram Application

Instagram currently has 8 million users. People belonging to all age groups and fields have this app installed in their phones. Given the frequency of its usage, the developers have to be on their feet all the time. They have to cater to all the demands and requirements the user asks for. Instagram is a state of the art application that has been developed in the best possible way to provide efficiency, accessibility and security to its users. Adding to these, the interface of the application is extremely simple and easy for a new bee to understand. It has no major complexities to itself. Sticking to the principles of a good application; being user friendly and interesting at the same time.

All the individuals or companies that intend to develop an app state a pretty common set of requirements that they want the app to deliver. Apart from the basic functionality following pointers are needed:

  • Ease of Usage
  • User friendly interface
  • Simple and efficient
  • Quick and Lag free
  • Attractive and fun

Instagram mobile application employs all of the above features. With constant updates being offered by the developers, new and exciting features and services are constantly being added to this social media giant.


Below is a list of Instagram features, which make it a state of the art and a modern application:

1) Don’t Delete just Archive. We all love our Instagram feed and we keep track of the numbers. The number of posts we have, number of likes and comments and most importantly, the number of followers we have (you can also buy instagram followers to increase your viewership) but sometimes you regret posting something that you don’t want people to see anymore. Just archive it, don’t delete. It won’t show to your followers but you can see it with all the likes and comments, WIN WIN.

2) Save Posts for Later. Does this happen with you too when you see something and want to review it later and can’t remember who uploaded it. Instagram has a special feature where you can create collections and view it later. You can create albums like your posts and label them too.

3) Instagram Stories. Keeping up with the modern worlf and latest updates, Instagram has come up with the stories feature. This feature helps you to play around with simple text stories, or selfie stickers, different emojis and keep things fun and interesting.

4) Face Filters. Keeping in check with the new features available in the market, instagram has now come up with face filters, which can transform you in to a goofy cartoon character or other animation. Lots of fun and entertainment and staying in trend. What a brilliant strategy. Staying active and following the trends gets you more like and comments. You can also buy instagram likes to be more discoverable.


5) Post multiple images in a single post. Attended a wedding or a nice event or just spent a wonderful day outdoors with friends and want to post it on Instagram without spamming yours and others feed. You can now easily post multiple photos and videos in a single post, hence avoiding the spam.

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