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How is Mobile Apps Transforming Entertainment Industry

Mobile Application Development November 5, 2020
MHow is Mobile Apps Transforming Entertainment Industry

Let’s begin with one simple question; do you still switch the TV on to get the match updates?

I think it’s your phone and the entertainment app you see for that. That’s the change we have seen in recent years. From news updates to live streaming, entertainment apps have everything a user needs. The user just needs to sit back, relax, and stream whatever they desire. You get everything at your fingertip.

Mobile apps are used in every industry and it seems like they have become a necessity these days. However, the entertainment industry has taken the advantage of technology the most.

The entertainment sector is all about engaging content and a wider set of audience. If you are considering entertainment app development, there are plenty of things you need to know and consider.

Take a look at them.

Popular Mobile Music and Video Apps in the US by Reach

Popular Mobile Music and Video Apps in the US by Reach

Market reach of the most popular mobile app categories in the United States as of September 2019

Leading mobile app categories in the United States 2019

How Does an Entertainment App Make Money?

Users usually visit the Play Store for 2 reasons, one is looking for a problem and another is for fun. The entertainment app is the best for the second option. People either search for music streaming apps for fun or video streaming apps, and such others.

These apps can bring entertainment for the users and profit for the entertainment app developers.

Here are some of the ways to generate revenue from the entertainment app.

Free Apps

One of the ways to make money is through free apps. Now, you must be wondering how free apps can make money. These apps have in-app purchase features. This means after a point, the user has to pay for certain features. There are some premium features locked and to use them, users need to pay to use them. There are also offers where users can get ad-free content which is paid.

Paid Apps

Another way to make money from the mobile app is through paid apps. A user will compulsorily need to pay if they want to use the app. This is one of the most common ways to make money from the app. Apps that are unique and tend to get highly popular can use this tactic.

It’s difficult for the new apps in the market to keep the app paid when there are already competitive apps providing similar things for free. So, indulge in deep market research before you choose this method.

Grossing Apps

The majority of the apps of the entertainment and media industry have streaming features. These apps allow users to view their favorite TV shows, movies, and games. They charge for the content they provide and one of the best ways to generate revenue from it.

How Does Mobile App Revolutionize the Entertainment Industry?

Not just the entertainment industry, mobile apps have changed the way every industry functions.

Here’s exactly how the media industry is transformed with the app.

Gather and Spread Information

It’s easier to collect data and share it with whoever we want and whenever we want. Thanks to social media apps, it’s as easy as eating a pie. Users can check everything from the latest news to the life hacks on the apps. These apps also allow users to share all the collected information with their users.

Some of the best examples of these apps are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and such others. These apps have information and data related to everything and anything. Also, they allow sharing the information in their desired format. These apps enable the user to share photos, videos, links, and information in every manner. YouTube is one of the most popular platforms to share information in the form of creative videos.

Know the Latest Trends

Without social media apps, it was very difficult for the people back in the day to know about things and stay updated with the trends. But, now there is an instant way, a better way, at a speedy way to know the trending topics through apps.

Whether it is the newly released songs, or top movies, games, or series, all of these are shown on the top trending sections of the entertainment apps. Entertainment is no longer trapped in a specific place or timings. Get entertained at your favorite time and place.


A mobile app is a great tool for marketing and promotion for any entertainment and media industry. The fact that every single person is using their smartphone makes it apps a great tool for promotion and marketing.

With an entertainment app, there is a greater opportunity for engagement which in turn increases brand value. Entertainment marketing is by far one of the easiest marketing to be done.

Features to Have in an Entertainment App

Audio and Video Streaming

Every entertainment app must have an audio and video streaming feature. Music and video are the best ways of entertainment. It’s a must-have for all the top entertainment apps and so it should be for yours as well. The best way of entertainment is music and videos.

Real-time Content Update

One of the best features to have is a content update. Every time new content is added, all the users will get a notification. This is one of the best ways to keep the users posted as well as engaged with your app. The user will get a notification that will compel them to open and use the app. This means increased engagement, lesser bounce rate, and more loyal users.

Push Notifications

Users should stay notified about the addition of new features, special scheme, and drop in the subscription charges or about any other changes. The best way to do this is through push notification. This feature is trending in mobile apps of most categories which makes it an important one for entertainment apps as well.

Social Media Integration

If people like what they see, they would want to share it. Sharing means bringing more users to the app which is definitely a profitable addition for the app. Having social media integration means allowing the users to share their liked content on all the social media platforms. It is a free promotional opportunity for your mobile app development.

Likes and Comments

Users can like or dislike the content and share their honest feedback. Users like when they have the liberty to express their opinion freely. If your app provides that they would be happy and even more satisfied with your application.

Types of Entertainment and Media Apps

Music Streaming Apps

Music streaming apps like Spotify or Gaana are among the most favorite entertainment apps. They have abundant active listeners in real-time without any screen hangs or speed lags.

Video Streaming Apps

Some of the most popular video streaming apps like Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu. They are best considering the ever-increasing revenue and user growth. Users love spending time on these apps and hence you should love spending time on developing them.

Gaming Apps

Games have been and still are the best source of entertaining people of all ages. Also, the gaming industry is one of the leading ones when it comes to generating revenue. So, if you are looking to make people happy and make money on the side, games are your best option.

Photo Editing and Sharing Apps

These apps are also one of the trending categories in the entertainment industry. You can take an example of Instagram which is one of the most popular photo editing and sharing apps in the current times.

Content Aggregation Apps

These apps collect knowledge, fun facts, and entertaining content and share it with the audience. It is also one of the trending types of entertainment apps.

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How to Attract Users to an Entertainment Application?

After you decide the target audience, you need to look for ways to engage them in the right direction, at the right time, and in the right way. Good research and great development of the app is not enough. It is important to drive the right users to the app to make it successful.

Here are some of the tips to attract the right users to your app.

Flawless App

One of the things that users adore is a flawless experience with the app. Users will for sure abandon the app if they experience any bug or glitch while using. The app market is very competitive and there will be options for your app. If you don’t serve users up to their expectations they will instantly shift to other apps.

This is why you need a flawless entertainment app development for optimum results. The load time of the app should be less and every feature must work excellently. If you are not very sure to develop and maintain a feature-rich app, MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is always open as an option. Develop less but perfect.

Simple Registration

Complex registration is nothing but an invitation to drive users away. Nobody is interested in using an app that asks too many questions. Keep the registration process as simple as possible. This is the best way to not drive users away.

It’s important to gather user data and ask for their details to keep a record and use it to deliver a personalized experience. But, asking for too much information at the very beginning of the app install will drive the user away from your users. A tiring or too long registration process is a big NO.

Keep it Social

When users like your app, they will want to share it with their near and dear ones. Allow them to do so and it will work wonders to drive users towards your app. One user will bring three more and it will make your app even more popular.

This will allow them to share your app’s content with others and promote it in different ways. With social integration, they can also post about your app on different social media platforms and invite friends to the app as well.

Steps to Create an Entertainment App

By now you have known several things about the apps category that you want to develop. Now, you should the ways to proceed towards its development.


The first and pre-requisite step of development is doing proper research. All the following steps are likely to fail without conducting proper research. So, make sure to invest proper time and effort in doing all the research for the entertainment app.


The second step is designing the app. It is the prime factor in attracting users and wanting them to stay. App design is a crucial factor in the mobile app development process.

So, make sure your app looks good and better than your competitors. If your app looks dull than the already developed ones, you know users won’t take another minute to shift to other apps. So, make sure it looks fabulous.


Next in the line comes development. An app that looks good but doesn’t work well is of no use. The development of the app has to be perfect. The app must work flawlessly and glitch-free to keep the users engaged in the app. Hire dedicated mobile app developers to deploy your users with the best user experience.


Never forget to test before you make the app live in the respective stores. The perfect app also has some or other errors in it. Your users don’t need to know that. So, rectify it before you present it before your users. Your end result must be glitch-free to amuse and impress your users.


The final step is launching the app in the respective stores. Do some marketing before the app hits the store. Create some buzz to make the people aware that something awesome is coming their way. Place creative and good looking screenshots and engaging app description for more user engagement.


You have known everything that you need to know about entertainment application development. Take the next step, hire the top mobile app development company USA, and get started with the development already.

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