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The Rise of an On-Demand Delivery App during Coronavirus Pandemic

Mobile Application Development June 17, 2020
MThe Rise of an On-Demand Delivery App during Coronavirus Pandemic

[vc_row][vc_column][blog_single_full_content]People have started living in fear now. The roads seem less busy; the offices look closed, cabs run empty, construction sites are at pause, and so on.

Why is that so?

The answer is fear, the fear of getting infected from CoronaVirus.

On one hand, people want the lockdown to end and be able to live freely like before. But, even after the little relaxation in the restrictions laid, people are not going bonkers about it. They step out only for necessities like groceries and medication. With on-demand delivery service, even these things arrive at your doorstep.

So, what’s your choice of getting things these days, going to the stores or ordering online?

The majority of the people have shifted to on-demand delivery apps. The trend is not new but witnessed a rise during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to mobile application development, people stay safe in their homes without having to worry about necessities.

Let’s get started to cover every aspect one by one:

What is an On-demand App?

Have you ordered groceries online?

Have you booked a cab ever?

Have you ever ordered laundry through the app?

If you have done any of the above-mentioned things, you know what an on-demand app is.

on-demand delivery Apps

The craze of these apps is spreading like Coronavirus at the moment. An on-demand app creates a bridge between business owners and actual users. This category of the app provides direct access to the user to the products and services they are looking for. A particular target audience is set while developing these apps. This means users don’t have to faff around looking for their desired service. It entails speed and convenience to the users.

The industry revolves around three important suppliers, business owners, and users. All the three important parties can connect at one single point and make the communication and transaction easier. Mobile app developers build an app based on the specific requirements of the business owner to deliver what they expect.

The app caters to all the expectations of users, using the trending technology and appropriate platform for best revenue generation. By launching the best app with the trending technology, the users can easily access the services or products offered by the business.

Why are On-Demand Apps on the Rise During Corona Outbreak?

One of the basic reasons why this category of mobile apps is popular during Corona Outbreak is a lockdown. People were inside their homes due to lockdown and couldn’t go out for their daily chores. But, apps have been a blessing to keep the things moving while the world was at a break. This has made a sudden increase in the demand for on-demand apps.

Here are some of the strong reasons why:

Contact Less Delivery

contact less delivery

People have shifted from handshake to Namaste because of the fear of getting infected from Coronavirus. This gives a very fair chance to the apps that provide no-touch deliveries. Hygiene is one of the most essential elements everybody is looking for these days.

On-demand apps have this best feature for the current times, “contactless delivery.” The majority of the people all across the globe use one of the on-demand apps to cater to their needs during the lockdown period. These apps follow government guidelines, maintain social distancing, and deliver all the products without any contact.

Most of the businesses are adopting it, Are you?

Fast and Convenient Shopping

You don’t know how long this crisis is going to continue. Even with the lockdown, in the end, people are afraid to step out, go to the local stores in the crowd, and buy their desired products. Even if they step out, there is a line with the proper distance to buy products. It is kind of irritating to wait up that long to purchase things.

This is one of the reasons mobile app development has been on a rise. They provide a fast and convenient shopping experience to their users. Apps have eradicated going out, waiting up in the queue, coming in the contact with people, and stocking up supplies. It’s easy, open the app, select your required items, place orders, and they are all waiting at your door to be received.

To continue the flow of supplies and handle the people from going into a panic situation, on-demand business owners are recruiting plenty of staff for delivery. They are probably generating handsome revenue. If you are thinking to be a part of their crew, now is the time.

One App – Multiple Service

Users always look for options while buying; they come shopping for a skirt they will leave with a pair of shoes and a pair of earrings. If you provide them with multiple products, some of them will definitely end up buying even if they don’t need it.

on demand multi service app

Good for business isn’t it?

It is great for users as well.

There are apps that not only keep different products but also entail services of multiple apps in a single app. You can book the flight tickets from an app and book cab as well from the same app. Users might love the concept of an on-demand multi-service app.

Turn Business Digital

There are several businesses that were running great before the crisis without having an app or website. But, the lockdown has devastated some of them. To keep it going, it’s best to turn your business digital and develop an on-demand app for your business.

It’s not just a value addition for the time of crisis but even in the future, it can come in handy. All the users your app gets at the moment might turn into your loyal customers even after the pandemic.

Customers are Happy

Customers are king and their satisfaction should be the utmost priority for the mobile app owners. When they provide them with exactly what they want, users will be happy.

Happy customers rating

There are three major benefits users get with a mobile app:

  • Home delivery
  • Speedy services
  • Convenience

Added Channel for Revenue

On one hand, on-demand applications provide door to door deliveries, a flair for users. On the other hand, it is a great opportunity for the business to make money.

In the current situation, people are relying heavily on the apps for their routine which gives a chance to the business to take advantage of this situation and make money.

Types of On-demand Mobile Applications that are High in Popularity

On-demand apps were popular before but now their demand is reaching the limits of the sky. So, if you are planning to launch your app, this is the right time. There are plenty of app categories that are on a high boom. Let’s take a look at those mobile apps.

Grocery Delivery Apps

We got to eat what we got to eat. You can compromise with the luxuries in difficult times but grocery is among the basic necessities. The demand for this category was bound to increase at every cost. Some of grocery app development which is trending includes Walmart grocery, Instacart, Instashop, and Shipt.

According to Techcrunch, the download numbers of these apps surged by 218%, 160%, and 124% respectively during the lockdown days.

Here is the US online Grocery Penetration Market according to Business Insider.


Corona pandemic has brought grocery apps into the limelight. As you can see in the above image, the penetration of grocery application is on a constant rise. These are bound to rise even in the upcoming future. Before this global crisis, some people insisted on picking their groceries themselves but now they have even changed their mode of grocery shopping.

Education Apps

These apps are delivering knowledge and awareness. Students always turn to apps when they have any queries or doubts while learning from home. The online education trend is not just high but extremely high in demand. Video lectures, online tutoring, online assignments, and meetings are some of the basic features of an online education app development.

Apps like Classdojo, Byjus’s, and Dragonbox are doing very well for themselves. It is one of those on-demand app categories which are actually in demand. Take a look at the graph from Statista showing the increase in downloads of the apps during the Corona crisis.

According to another report from Statista, the expected revenue figures for the education sector by the end of 2022 are $8166.

Healthcare Apps

The numbers from Statista suggest that the global market for healthcare app development will reach $90.49 Billion by the end of 2020. However, due to the Corona pandemic, the demand for this category is pulling way up than usual. The situation puts people inside homes and keeps them there forcefully for the better of course.

Healthcare App

But, a patient needs what he needs. You can’t keep them indoors when they need their regular consultation and medicines. Healthcare apps have been of great use to these patients. They can consult their doctor online, get an online prescription as well, and continue their medication. This has made medical apps rise. Med24, Well, and Push Doctors are some of the apps that are doing quite well during the pandemic.

So, the healthcare app development doing really well in the current situation. If you are an opportunist and try to pick up the chance to be a part of the profitable industry, this is your time. Before you make any decision to build an on-demand mobile app or on-demand delivery app clone, it’s very important to know each and every factor before diving directly into the development.

Home Services Apps

In the Pre-Corona world, inviting a handyman for repair was stress-free. Well, it is not now. While you are cutting down the grocery trips and turning digital for contactless deliveries, this can’t happen with home services.

Home Services App

What if your tap is broken?

What if your refrigerator stops working?

What if your AC doesn’t work?

What if your TV stops working?

You make a call but your phone line is dead.

One of the biggest issues, what if your Wi-fi is not working?

Remote working is one of the biggest trends during the Coronavirus pandemic and it is extremely difficult without the internet. It’s mandatory to call a repairman and get all of the above-mentioned things fixed.

This brings home services apps into the picture. Plumbing services, appliances repair, and for every miscellaneous repair, people will need a home service app. The executives assigned from the apps follow every safety protocol, government guidelines while visiting your home and fixing things.

Check out the top features to consider for developing an on-demand delivery app.

Features to Have in an On-Demand App

User Side App Features

  • Login/Signup

New users have to register with an email ID or phone number. Already registered users can login through a registered number, email ID, or even through their social media accounts.

  • Authentication and Security

One of the most important factors in any mobile application is security. Especially if the app is involving online payment, security is one of the biggest concerns for any user. It’s very important to make the users feel that their details are safe and kept confidential. Only, then they will use it and suggest it to others.

  • Push Notifications

One of the other features important for apps of this category is push notifications. The users can know about any important thing related to the app. Any new offers, the launch of new products or services, anything and everything can reach the user through a push notification.

  • Place order

The user can shop and select their favorite items in the cart. They can place the order from the cart by feeding the address, contact details, and selecting the payment method.

  • Live Tracking

If you are looking for on-demand delivery application development, live tracking is a pre-eminent feature to integrate. Every user must know where their order has reached after placing it. The users can track how much time it will take to deliver the order with this feature.

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  • In-app Messaging

The delivery person and user can chat with each other about the time of delivery, rescheduling the delivery, changes in the delivery time, and such other things.

  • Rating and Reviews

Every user has a chance to use the products or services and share their opinion in the feedback section. If they are happy with the product or service, they can post a good review and if they are not, they can post a negative review. Well, not just the users get this privilege; even the delivery boy or service provider can rate the user and share their feedback.

  • Order History

With this feature, the user can keep track of their order history. They can know what they ordered when they ordered. They can also know how much it cost, and every such detail through the history feature of the app.

  • Payment Gateway Integration

The integration of multiple payment options is always great for any app. Allow the users to make payment with cash, debit card, credit card, or with UPI. Let the users decide how they want to make payment. Most apps provide these options and your app must provide it too.

  • Multiple Language Support

Several top on-demand delivery apps support multiple languages. It’s not a mandatory feature to have but a good addition to the apps of this category.

Delivery Boy App Side Features

Delivery App Features

  • Signup/Login

The delivery boy needs to signup through email or contact or login if already registered.

  • Create a Profile

The delivery boy can create a profile for themselves in the app. They can add their picture, their work experience, their contact, and email details and such other information.

  • Accept or Reject Order

The delivery boy can accept the order if it is convenient for him. He can also reject the order for delivery if his time is up or he wants to go offline for a while.

  • Get Customers Contact Details

The delivery person gets the contact details of the customer to find the address and confirm the delivery time with them.

  • Get Customers Location

The on-demand delivery boy also gets the location of the customer for delivering products or services. They follow the map and reach the location for completing the delivery.

  • Receive Payment

The delivery boy can receive the payment if it is in cash. They can deliver the product or service and collect the cash in return.

  • Take E-sign

The delivery boy has to take the e-sign from the customers while delivering the product and taking the payment. This is to ensure that the customer has received the product or service and received it properly.

  • Delivery History

The delivery person can keep track of their delivery history. They can know how many orders or services they have delivered in a week or a month or a year along with the date and time of delivery.

Bottom Lines

We have done everything from our end; it’s your time to do something from your end. First things first, hire a mobile app development company USA and discuss your idea. Choose the platform, decide whether you want to launch a feature-filled app or an MVP model, and start working towards it.


1. What kind of mobile apps are in demand?

Most of the on-demand apps are in demand. But in the time of the Corona crisis, the demand for a grocery shopping app, remote working apps, and online medical consultation apps are at present very high in demand.

2. How do you create an on-demand app?

You need to be a mobile app developer to create an on-demand app. If you are not a developer, you need to hire a mobile app development company and let the experts do their job.

3. What is an on-demand platform?

The on-demand platform is a service where users can place a demand online and the app will provide the service. Say, for example, the user needs laundry; there is an app for that. If the user needs a cab, there is an app for that. This is what an on-demand platform is all about.

4. What are on-demand app development companies?

There are plenty of on-demand app development companies, but if you are looking for an experienced and reliable one, 360 Degree Technosoft is where your search ends.

5. Which apps are in demand?

Here is the list of apps that are in demand:

  • Food ordering apps
  • Taxi booking apps
  • Pet care apps
  • Productivity apps
  • Grocery delivery apps
  • Alcohol delivery app
  • House cleaning apps


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